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Call for Chinese Talent Show Performance Video Submission

The Semi-Finals of the first National Chinese Speech Contest ended successfully on March 26-27.  After intensive competition in the Semi-Finals, the finalists will now enter the Finals on April 9-10. The competition has received widespread attention and unanimous positive feedback from teachers and students of Chinese education across the United States.


In order to provide a platform for even more schools and students to display students' talents and teachers' creativity, the organizing committee of the speech contest has decided to collect videos of Chinese talent performances to share in an exhibition during the final competition. This will allow us to highlight schools, teachers and individuals who have successfully promoted Chinese performances or talent shows, congratulate them on their impressive achievements, and express gratitude for the joy, passion, inspiration, and artistic contributions they’ve brought to the Chinese education field. These videos will also add to the celebration as we congratulate all participants of the speech contest and the success of this national event.


All talent show videos need to be appropriate in content, demonstrating a Chinese talent and rich in Chinese cultural elements, expressive, and artistic.   Talent performances with popularity that are expressive, appealing, and infectious are also welcome.  


The following are the details about the Chinese talent show activities:


1. Name of the event:  Chinese Talent Show

2. Organization: American Academy of International Culture and Education (AAICE)

3. Activity nature:

Public welfare activities, without any fees. It will NOT affect the results of the contestants in the speech contest.

4. Event time: The selected works will be displayed during the 2022 National Chinese Speech 

         Contest Finals from April 9th ​​to 10th.

5. Activity requirements: 

There are no restrictions on the form, which may include: Chinese songs, folk dance, martial arts performances, folk art, Peking opera,  Poetry recitation, allegro, rap, traditional musical instruments, etc. Welcome to recommend group projects.

6. Participation method:

  • Submit in the form of video; the capacity should be less than 1G; the recommended duration is 3 minutes. Videos should be in high-resolution, and horizontal/landscape orientation preferred.

  • The "Media Consent Form" must be submitted with the video submission, or the video submission will be invalid.

  • Submission URL: Please use the submission form below

  • Submission time: Please submit before 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on April 5th.

Schools and individuals who support and participate in the speech contest are welcome to participate in the talent show activities, as well as other US K-12 schools and individuals with Chinese programs who have not participated in the speech contest. The submitted videos will have the opportunity to be displayed during the Speech Contest Finals, and on the official website of the organization. Ten of the excellent works will receive certificates and prizes.


Through this event, we hope to build a dynamic stage for students who love Chinese culture and possess Chinese language and cultural abilities, to showcase their talents, enhance their self-confidence and, provide a new starting point for stepping onto a bigger stage in the future. We believe this will inspire more people to learn the Chinese language and develop an interest and love for Chinese culture, and create interest and enthusiasm for the field of Chinese language education.

National Chinese Speech Contest Committee









二、组织机构:美国国际文教学会  (AAICE)


四、活动时间:入选作品将在4月9日-10日 2022 全美中学生中文演讲决赛期间播放




六、参加方法: 视频形式提交,容量为1G以内,建议时长3分钟。  









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