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University of Maryland

World Language Program

The University of Maryland (full name: University of Maryland, College Park; UMD or UMCP for short) was established in 1856. The University of Maryland, College Park is located near our nation’s capital, Washington DC. It is a world-renowned institution and a well-known public research university in the United States. It is ranked 51st in the 2020 U.S. News World University Rankings.

The University of Maryland has 13 colleges, which produce high quality of scientific research and teaching, often leading their respective fields in the United States and the world. The university has 31 majors that rank in the top 10 across the United States 61 majors are in the top 15, and 90 majors are among the top 25 in the nation.

The College of Education at the University of Maryland ranks 20th among American universities in its field. The Chinese Teacher Qualification Program for Primary and Secondary Schools was established in 2010 in the College of Education. In the past ten years, 100% of graduates from the program have found jobs and are employed by middle and primary schools in various states in the United States. The majority of them teach in elementary Chinese immersion programs. The school district or school, where they are employed are willing to apply for a work visa (H1) for them, and some (usually private schools) have already applied for green cards for our graduates.

The annual salary for Chinese teachers, who hold a master's degree and a teaching certificate, and work in public elementary and secondary schools, is about US$50,000 in the east of USA. Salaries may differ depending on location.

There is a need for qualified Chinese teachers in elementary and secondary schools in the United States. If you apply to the program and your undergraduate GPA is 3 or above you can be exempt from taking the GRE. But in order to enroll a TOEFL score of 96 or IELTS 6.5 is required. If you cannot meet those requirements, it is possible to be admitted conditionally to the program: which means, we require students to take and pass a one-semester English course at the language school of the University of Maryland before the program starts.

The Chinese Teacher Qualification Program for Primary and Secondary Schools is inviting undergraduates, who have obtained a bachelor's degree, to apply. The following table shows the curriculum design of the two-year graduate program including 36 credits for primary and secondary school practice.

The internship will be arranged by the World Language program. The internship takes place in public schools or charter schools in Maryland and Washington, DC, such as Baltimore International School, Washington Yuying Charter, etc. During the first half of the second school year, students will go to primary and secondary schools to observe the Chinese classes. In the second half of that school year, students will conduct daily teaching practice under the supervision of instructors and university internship supervisors.

Students must complete OPI (Chinese oral test) and PRAXIS II Mandarin (Chinese written test). Students who complete all courses and learning requirements including the successful completion of the internship will obtain a Master of Education from the University of Maryland and a Chinese teacher certificate for primary and secondary schools in Maryland.

The tuition for non-Maryland residents in 2020-2021 is: $1,625 per credit for graduate students. There are 36 credits in total. The University of Maryland also charges Mandatary fee (for school bus and gym etc.). Accommodation fees or food expenses vary, ranging from $1300 to $1500 on average per month.

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