2022 National Chinese Speech Contest (NCSC)

The American Academy of International Culture and Education (AAICE) is pleased to announce that the 2022 National Chinese Speech Contest (NCSC) will be held online in collaboration with the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association (CLTA). Thanks to Asia Society for providing us with the great opportunity to showcase our winners’ speeches at National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC).  The US middle and high school Chinese language learners are invited to participate in the contest. Winners will receive awards and opportunities to participate in international speech contests and performances. Teachers of students entering the final round will also be recognized for their support.
Chinese teachers are welcome to recommend their students to enter the competition.  Students with recommendations from their Chinese teacher are eligible to submit the online application. Teachers whose students enter the final competition will receive a $100 gift certificate to be used for educational supplies.


To motivate students in learning Chinese

by sharing their individual experiences

To provide a platform for Chinese language learners to showcase their learning through oratory expression

Dates to Remember

January 24 - February 28

March 26 - 27

April 9 - 10

Submitting application & audio/video
Semi- Finals by region

*Late applications will not be accepted.
*Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Chinese and Me


Participants can further develop their own topics based on their Chinese language and culture learning experiences.

Chinese and M (1).png

Participants are divided into four major categories and eight sub-categories:

Each teacher can recommend up to two participants in each sub-category.(Please see categories above.)

8 Sub-Categories by GradeProficiency Level (1).png

ACTFL Proficiency Levels

If unfamiliar with the ACTFL proficiency scale (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced), please review this link: https://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/guidelines/ACTFLProficiencyGuidelines2012.pdf


Participants will also be divided according to their geographic locations: 

  1. Eastern Region – including Eastern and Central Time Zones and Puerto Rico

  2. Western Region – including Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, Hawaii, and Alaska


Add a subheading.png

Regional contestants will receive a regional participation certificate.

Contestants in each of the 8 sub-categories (see chart above) in the final competition will receive a final participation certificate and the following awards.

Sponsoring teachers whose students enter the final competition will receive a $100 gift certificate for educational supplies.

First place

a $300 gift certificate each

(1 in each sub-category)

Second place

a $ 150 gift certificate each

(2 in each sub-category)

Third place

a $ 75 gift certificate each

(3 in each sub-category)

Honorable Mention

a $ 50 gift certificate each

(4 in each sub-category)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ChineseSpeechContest@AAICE.org .