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Congratulations to all contestants entering the semi-final competitions!
The online competitions are open to public– students, parents, educators, and all.
Please follow the schedule below and log into the Zoom webinar to view all the competitions.

Semi-Final Student Reminder 

Congratulations to you for advancing to the semi-final competition! Please refer to the schedule for your presentation group. 

Please be reminded of the rules and procedures of the contest to prepare yourself for the semi-final competition: 

1.Technical Setup


2.On the day of the competition, 

  • Dress appropriately for the occasion.

  • Arrive arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the online competition webinar. Participants who are late for 5 or more minutes will be replaced by a back-up contestant. 

  • Please use the Zoom chat box to report your arrival by sending AAICE NCSC Staff your assigned semi-final code. 

  • We will announce a computer randomized presentation order for the contestants.  


3.When you present your speech,

  • Please use the contest slide background provided by us if possible. 

  • Give a brief self-introduction. (See structure below) 

       “大家好!我(的名字)叫…… 我来自……(州名) 的 …… (学校名)。

        我的指导老师是…… (老师名)……, 现在开始我的演讲。 ”

  • You will be stopped by the host when your given time is up, even though you might encounter technical difficulties. The judges will provide a score based on the evaluation of your “incomplete” performance.

  • You will have up to 2 minutes to respond to the questions asked by the judges.

2022 NCSC Program

Judging Criteria

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